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POSITIVELY CHIC | Plainfield Designer Turns Two Dressers Into a Beautiful Kitchen Island


OK. How positively chic is this? Two dressers transformed into a beautiful kitchen island. If you love projects like this but aren't he "think-outside-of-the-box" designing type? No worries, this local designer is here to help.

Lisa from Positively Chic Up-Cycle Furniture has been transforming outdated pieces since 2009. It all started out with her own baby dresser that she took with her when she moved away from the nest. When she sanded the 1980’s piece that was painted speckled black, she created a one-of-a-kind beautiful piece of furniture.

She eventually took her hobby of creating, painting, making things and left her corporate job to devote 100% of her to giving vintage furniture a new lease on life; further expanding her talents to transforming her home from the 1990’s Oak era to a modern and current space. Word spread and Lisa began to do the same for others while filling her soul with ultimate passion.

If you have an idea, she can bring it to life such as transforming old dressers to kitchen islands, personalized stovetop covers, unique home décor, custom painted cabinetry, and so much more!

Follow her page today! You'll be amazed a the projects that are posted. Positively Chic, indeed.




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