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OUTDOOR DINING | Executive Order Signed by Mayor Chirico Earlier Today


The City of Naperville has relaxed outdoor seating regulations in an attempt to help Naperville bars and restaurants reopen for outdoor dining as allowed in Phase 3 of the Governor's Restore Illinois plan.

Through an executive order signed today by Mayor Steve Chirico, the City has amended its Municipal Code to allow for outdoor seating without a permit and published detailed guidelines for bars and restaurants that want to expand or temporarily add outdoor seating areas.

"We know that the restaurant industry has been hit hard by the statewide order prohibiting dine-in operations," said Mayor Chirico. "We are hoping this order provides some flexibility for establishments wanting to take advantage of the options available to them in this next phase of reopening our economy."

The executive order also extends allowable outdoor seating service hours, sets a process for use of public sidewalks for outdoor seating, and permits the City to close certain public parking spaces to allow bars and restaurants to use them for outdoor seating areas.

The executive order, guidelines and all other relevant information can be found at

As restaurants, bars and other locations begin to reopen as allowed in Phase 3, customers are encouraged to please be patient with business owners and employees, who are implementing fundamental changes to their business operations to safely re-open.

Please also remember that COVID-19 remains a real threat to members of our community. Residents and visitors should continue to be diligent about safety precautions, including: • staying home when you’re sick, • practicing social distancing, • wearing a face covering, and • Washing or sanitizing your hands regularly. Additional information about the City’s COVID-19 response is available at

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