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OUTAGE | Meta Down, Facebook & Instagram Not Loading

CHICAGO — Many are searching for what might have happened a few minutes ago when thousands were just kicked out of their Facebook or Instagram account while scrolling.

As many reports confirm, Meta’s social media platforms are currently not working, with both Instagram and Facebook pulling up “failure to load” error pages.

DownDetector reported over 352,000 outages at 9:49 a.m. Apps also appear to be affected.

The outage has caused concern among businesses relying on Facebook for marketing, highlighting the platform’s significant role in global communication. Users have migrated to other social networks to voice frustrations and seek updates, with #FacebookDown trending.

One Downdetector user writes, “Messenger and Facebook logged me out a few minutes ago. I relogged successfully, but it logged me out after one second. Now I cannot log back in. When I reported the issue, there were only 40 reports, but now over 5000, so apparently Facebook has some issues now.”

Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Threads and Messenger are all run by the parent company, Meta. They all appear to be having the same issues.


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