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OAK BROOK Ty Warner, Creator of Beanie Babies, Creates 'Aloha' Bear to Benefit Victims of Hawaii

OAK BROOK Ty Warner, Creator of Beanie Babies, Creates 'Aloha' Bear to Benefit Victims of Hawaii


All profits from the limited-edition Beanie Baby will be donated to the American Red Cross to help people affected by the Hawaii wildfires.

OAK BROOK–Ty Warner, owner of the largest manufacturer of plush in the world, today announced the introduction of Aloha, a new, limited-edition Beanie Baby. Warner's Ty Inc. will donate 100% of the profits from the sales of Aloha to the American Red Cross to support its efforts to help people affected by the Hawaii wildfires.

"Loss can strike at any time. The speed and savagery of the Maui wildfires are an especially horrific, heartbreaking reminder of that," Warner said. "While I can't undo what has happened, I can try to help those who are suffering in the aftermath."

"Right now, thousands of Hawaiians lack food, clothing, shelter and other necessities as they attempt to cope with last week's fires," he added. "My hope in partnering with the American Red Cross is that I can help ease their burden."

Warner described Aloha as an "adorable, gold-colored bear offering a symbol of love and hope to Hawaiians." The bear has a rainbow ribbon and a chest inscription that reads, "Maui Strong." Like other Beanie Babies, Aloha has a birthday (August 8) and a poem: "Helping each other all day long / We forever will stay Maui strong."

The release of Aloha comes as Warner's company, Ty Inc., celebrates the 30th anniversary of Beanie Babies. This milestone has coincided with the release of The Beanie Bubble, a fictionalized film allegedly based on the creation of Beanie Babies and the products' stunning success after their release in 1993.

"The movie isn't real, but the situation on Maui is," said Tania Lundeen, Ty Inc.'s Senior Vice President of Global Sales & Licensing. "The Hawaii recovery efforts are a stark reminder of what is important, and that's what Ty is focused on with Aloha."

The Maui disaster hit last Tuesday when simultaneous wildfires began spreading on the islands, whipped up by hurricane winds. The most destructive of the fires – in Lahaina on the western side of Maui – traveled at extraordinary speed. At least 100 persons are believed dead. Thousands of people have been displaced, and more than 2,200 structures have been destroyed.

"Our thoughts are with those in need after the devastating wildfires swept through Hawaii," said Anne McKeough, chief development officer at the American Red Cross. "We are so grateful for partners like Ty Inc. as we work together to provide comfort and hope for communities in the wake of these catastrophic wildfires."

Meanwhile, Warner's company will continue to give away free Beanie Babies at Beanie Bubble showings in theaters across the United States and in the United Kingdom in honor of Beanie Babies' 30th anniversary. The Beanie giveaway will last while supplies last.

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About Ty Warner

Ty Warner is an American toy manufacturer and owner of luxury hotels worldwide. He is Chairman, CEO, and founder of Ty Inc, the largest manufacturer of soft toys in the world. A philanthropist, Warner has donated more than $300 million to a variety of charities. Most recently, Warner released Max the dog Beanie Baby, with 100% of profits being donated to NEXT for Autism to raise awareness of autism support.

In April 2020, the United Way Worldwide COVID-19 Fund received 100% of the profits from the sale of Hope, a limited-edition praying bear. In addition, Warner was the first to organize and prepare his Four Seasons Hotel New York as a safe haven for first responders during the pandemic. He made it possible for doctors and nurses working the frontlines to reside at the Four Seasons Hotel New York free of charge. This prevented unnecessary COVID exposure to their families and loved ones, reduced extensive travel to and from the city and allowed first responders the much-needed rest from their exhausting schedules.

Other charities that have benefitted from Warner's philanthropy efforts include Children's Hunger Fund, World Vision, Toy Bank, International Toy Bank, Today Show, Children's Miracle Network, Operation Iraqi Freedom, Toys for Tots, Princess of Wales Foundation, Andre Agassi Foundation, American Red Cross, Save the Children, Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation, NY Police and Fire Widow's Fund, Ronald McDonald House, USO, Mayo Clinic and UNICEF.

For more information about Ty Warner's company, Ty Inc., visit


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