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NEW IN TOWN | Foxes Den Meadery in Yorkville

Foxes Den Meadery in Yorkville


YORKVILLE–Rico and Jenna Bianchi and their two children took on the family adventure of opening Foxes Den in September 2022. Their Micro Meadery creates handcrafted, artisan honey wine utilizing the finest quality ingredients.

“We strive to produce a world class product that is inviting to both the sophisticated and novice mead consumer,” Rico says. “My love for and passion for this craft is unparalleled and I try to express that in every bottle of mead that I produce. From unique recipe design to corking and labeling every bottle by hand, I put my heart and soul into every batch. Taking a modern approach on an ancient beverage, my goal is to provide a memorable drinking experience in every glass.”

Rico and Jenna fell in love with Yorkville to raise their children and open their new business. They also both work full time jobs in nearby Aurora, as a pest control technician for Chem Wise and a registered nurse for Advocate respectively. When Rico first started making mead at home in 2015, the couple lived in a subdivision named Fox Hill and made their mead in the basement, so they dubbed it the "Foxes Den". Their current home is on Fox St. in Yorkville in the Fox Valley area. The local high school mascot also happens to be called the Foxes. So naturally when they opened their meadery on the banks of the Fox River, Foxes Den corresponded perfectly.

The meadery is a hit with the local community as the current market is trending towards session meads, possessing a lower alcohol content and carbonation, and the added convenience of a can. It is also gluten free! The pair is looking to implement a mead cocktail program soon in which we create mixed drinks utilizing mead, spirits and fresh ingredients. They also plan to have some seasonal takes on their meads which include mead slushies in the summer and mulled mead in the winter.

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