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NEW HAIR CARE LINE | Kerwell Has a Fun Fall Announcement to Share


NAPERVILLE & DOWNERS GROVE–Kerwell’s new hair care line, Leaf and Flower, is developed with key cannabinoids that can benefit all hair types and textures. The anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties of CBD aid in cleansing and soothing scalp conditions, while the addition of Omega fatty acids protect the hair from environmental damages. This essential botanical fusion helps repair damage to the hair shaft, while amino acids strengthen and protect the hair, and simultaneously soothe and volumize. Luscious and gorgeous hair can be achieved with the magic of a CBD oil infusion, preserving and maintaining the purity of the oil to yield a unique formula. Which helps restore perfect homeostasis to the scalp, resulting in stronger hair follicles and thus, fuller, healthier, more predictable hair. No more bad hair days!

Visit us online 24/7 at and let us help get you on the road to a new and healthier lifestyle.


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