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MORTON ARBORETUM | Three New Large-Scale Human+Nature Sculptures Created by Artist Daniel Popper

MORTON ARBORETUM | Three New Large-Scale Human+Nature Sculptures Created by Artist Daniel Popper

Photo by Daniel Popper, Instagram

Excitement is building for the installation of three new large-scale Human+Nature sculptures coming June 17. The new sculptures are have arrived and Morton Arboretum is putting the finishing touches on them. Reserve your timed-entry admission to see the sculptures in progress. Visit again (or for the first time!) to explore all eight of the towering sculptures in this popular exhibition. Endless adventures await you this summer at the Arboretum.

The Morton Arboretum’s outdoor art exhibition, Human+Nature (pronounced: Human Nature), inspires awe and wonder as it connects people and trees.

Internationally renowned artist Daniel Popper created 15- to 26-foot-tall sculptures exclusively for the Arboretum featured in various locations across its 1,700 acres, leading guests to areas they may not have explored before. It is his largest exhibition to date anywhere in the world.

MORTON ARBORETUM | Three New Large-Scale Human+Nature Sculptures Created by Artist Daniel Popper

Photo by Morton Arboretum, Instagram

See All Eight Towering Sculptures The new sculptures are on-site and they're putting the finishing touches on them. In Arbor Court near the Visitor Center, you will find a sculpture inspired by the Arboretum’s centennial and how its long-standing history is reflected in the decades-old trees that thrive within it. Deeper into the East Side near Parking Lot 14, a tall figure will encourage guests to experience the changes that happen throughout the grounds each season. And tucked in a wooded clearing on the West Side near Parking Lot 29, a towering structure will evoke the beautiful interconnectedness with nature often found hiding beneath our feet.

During your visit, find the original sculptures that launched the Human+Nature experience. On the East Side, a short walk from the Visitor Center, guests are able to step within a huge female figure, as if into the heart of nature. Continuing along a less than mile-long walk, they encounter a majestic maternal figure as tall as a tree, and a sculpture of diverse human facial traits interwoven with root structures. On the West Side, two hands joined by intertwining roots extend near a grove of old oaks, and a towering face evokes the interconnectedness of humans and trees. Made of concrete, fiberglass, and steel, each sculpture weighs several metric tons. The largest ground footprint is 28 feet wide and 37 feet long.

Photos by Morton Arboretum, Instagram

Trees have the power to refresh and restore people, to connect them to the natural world. People rely on trees for clean air to breathe, shade to cool, and beauty that can bring joy and relaxation, among many other benefits. In turn, trees need people to care for them if they are to thrive and share their benefits, especially in a changing climate. Guests are invited to reimagine their relationships with trees as they explore these expressive large-scale artworks while also enjoying the outdoors and the trees of The Morton Arboretum.

Human+Nature is included with timed-entry admission to the Arboretum. The exhibition is planned to run through March 2023.


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