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MOM'S LITTLE BLACK BOOK | Wonderverse at Oakbrook Center

Wonderverse at Oakbrook Center


Mom’s Little Black Book was first on the scene of Sony Pictures Entertainment’s very first immersive experience Wonderverse, which opened doors this past December. What made the adventure even more fun was the Publisher of Glancer and her family joined in on the fun! This multimedia adventure brings to life Jumanji, Ghostbusters, Bad Boys, Uncharted and more through virtual reality experiences that feel like real life through sound, touch, movement, visuals, and the like.

Wonderverse at Oakbrook Center

Our group ranged in ages from elementary school through adults and we equally all had a fantastic time. We enjoyed suiting up in our proton packs and working together to trap ghosts in the Ghostbusters VR Arena, as well as taking it to the next level sitting in the driver’s seat of an ECTO hovercraft and participating in a high-speed race challenge.

We successfully conquered the Uncharted movie escape room while working together to discover how the intricate workings of the space provided clues and keys to unlock the ultimate secret codes through unexpected thrills.

Wonderverse at Oakbrook Center

The Pacific Playland was filled with the most innovative advanced arcade games that were a mix of old school fun combined with VR technology that mimicked the most realistic experiences– from dodgeball to extreme roller coasters. We next jumped into the bumper cars and giggled as we rotated from humans to zombies with each bump and bounce!

Wonderverse at Oakbrook Center

The highlight was indeed the Jumanji virtual reality experience where we suited up and transformed into the characters of the movie having to work together through a maze while uncovering evidence to reverse the curse. The 30 minute journey was interactive, thrilling, and incredibly realistic while balancing on logs, riding elevators, and defeating zombies through various terrains. This experience was unlike any other I had done before, as you truly felt like you were walking, jumping, riding, and engaging with the characters in the imaginary world.

Wonderverse at Oakbrook Center

Beyond the physical entertainment, Wonderverse offers even more hidden escapades once you find the hidden speakeasy that provides magical paranormal activity and spectacular specialty cocktails. After all of our excitement, our group fully appreciated the extensive menu and complete allergy sensitive dining experience offered at the on-site Commissary Restaurant. The upscale food, dessert, and cocktail options perfectly align with the unique entertainment experience throughout this grand 45,000 square foot facility.



100 Oakbrook Center, Level 1

Oak Brook, IL 60523

Hours: Check website

Price $: Varies depending on experiences


Kristen Kucharski’s days are never dull, her kids are never bored! Over the years #MomsLittleBlackBook has explored hundreds of kid friendly things to do in our surrounding community and on the road. As her girls have grown and gone away to college, she continues to enjoy unique activities, excursions, day trips, weekend get-a-aways, and road trips while rediscovering my own passion for adventure with friends, girls nights outs, and date nights. In her words

“Life is a journey–might as well have fun along the way. Go, fly,

roam, travel, voyage, explore, discover!”


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