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MOM'S LITTLE BLACK BOOK | The North American Pizza & Culinary Academy

Pizza & Culinary Craze!

Indulging in the art of soppressata making can be more than just a culinary experience; it can be a bonding journey for generations. At the North American Pizza & Culinary Academy, the Master Soppressata Making Class offers a unique opportunity for people to come together, creating not only delicious cured meats but lasting memories. I am lucky to have a large family and share a bond with my parents that is beyond a Christmas blessing. For an adult daughter and her Italian dad, this class became a cultural bridge, connecting us through the traditions of Italian charcuterie and quality time.

The expert instructors guided us through the entire process, from selecting the finest cuts of meat to mastering the balance of spices. We learned the importance of patience and precision, as crafting this beloved Italian cured sausage is as much about technique as it is about tradition. For an active adventurous girl like me, patience is not my number one skill, but the anticipation of the end results made it worth the wait!

As we worked side by side, we grinded over 100 lbs. of meat, mixed in several cups of spices, and slowly filled the casings one by one, tying each end with perfection, and poking tiny air holes to promote the drying and curing process.

The hands-on nature of the class fosters communication and collaboration. We laughed, shared stories, and then enjoyed homemade pizza, prosciutto, cheeses, and previously cured soppressata. We not only gained a newfound skill but also created a tangible representation of our heritage.

In a world filled with fast-paced living, this experience offers a rare chance to slow down and savor the flavors through various pizza making classes, kid’s cooking lessons, demonstrations, date nights, and so much more. Don’t miss participating in owner Anthony Iannone’s NY Style Pizza Making Class where he shares his own personal Italian pride and ensures every guest leaves knowing how to cut a proper pie!


NAPCA offers the classic teachings and traditions for all levels of students in a $1 Million facility and event space. They host hands-on workshops, demonstrations, kids events, special events and more. Additionally, their experienced consultants can provide insight to help you get your new restaurant off the ground. Customized programs for projects of all sizes and budgets.

The North American Pizza & Culinary Academy

1970 University Lane

Lisle, IL 60532

(630) 395-9958

Hours: Check website

Price $: Varies depending on experience


Kristen Kucharski’s days are never dull, her kids are never bored! Over the years #MomsLittleBlackBook has explored hundreds of kid friendly things to do in our surrounding community and on the road. As her girls have grown and gone away to college, she continues to enjoy unique activities, excursions, day trips, weekend get-a-aways, and road trips while rediscovering my own passion for adventure with friends, girls nights outs, and date nights. In her words “Life is a journey–might as well have fun along the way. Go, fly, roam, travel, voyage, explore, discover!”


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