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MOM'S LITTLE BLACK BOOK | Immersive GameBox In Oak Brook

Immersive GameBox in Oak Brook, Illinois
Immersive GameBox in Oak Brook, Illinois


This adventure at Immersive GameBox was like nothing I had ever done before. It was as if we were real live action figures in a video game without the clumsiness of hand controls or virtual reality gear.

With the simple use of an adjustable color-coded visor on our heads, our team of six entered into a room with four interactive walls that responded to touch and movement. The space was immediately filled with our pre-selected choice, Squid Game, based on the hit Netflix series.

Immersive GameBox in Oak Brook, Illinois
Immersive GameBox in Oak Brook, Illinois

The music in the background was intense. The stakes felt high. Our life was not on the line, but our internal competitive spirit sparked our survival mode instincts to endure all six challenges, while maintaining our players’ lives and earning “money” in our piggy bank.

In this 60-minute immersive, digital adventure, we were real life contenders in the Squid Games and had to use our 3D motion tracking visors and touch screens to complete Red Light Green Light; Dalgona/Ppopgi (Sugar Honeycombs), Tug of War, Marbles, The Glass Tile Game, and the Final Round (Squid Game).

It took a few minutes for us to understand how to use our bodies to accomplish each task. This was a great bonding experience as working as a team was a necessity to beat the clock. We encouraged each other to move forward, back, “run”, shuffle, tilt; while helping each other remember images to maintain as many points as possible overall.

Cheers, laughter, excitement, and high-fives rooted this adventure.

Immersive Gamebox is great for anyone over five (5) years old in groups of up to six (6) persons in a room. There are many games to select from to meet your personal interest and abilities, although no experience or athleticism is required. Social adventures include· Squid Game, Angry Birds Bundle, Angry Birds, Alien Aptitude Test, Junior Bundle, Shaun the Sheep, Block Smash Mania, James Bunny, Psychedelic Mansion, Tip Tap Memory Challenge, Temple of Coins Junior, Ticket to Mars, Trivia Mashup, and Championsheeps.

This a must-do on your list this holiday season and beyond!


Gameboxes are fully-private, interactive digital rooms featuring projection mapping, touch screens, motion tracking and surround sound, all designed to help you enjoy a hyper-immersive gaming experience.

Immersive GameBox

545 Oakbrook Center #545

Oak Brook, IL 60523

(630) 320-2503

Hours: See website for select times

Price $: Varies Depending on Selection


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