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LOVE & MARRIAGE | Happy NEVER After: 75% of Marriages Fail Because of THIS Wedding Song


First dances are one of the most memorable moments of a wedding, however, not all lead to a happily ever after as over 782,000 Americans got divorced in 2018 (CDC).

With this in mind, wanted to see if there was a connection between divorce rates and a couples’ first dance. OnBuy surveyed 5,544 people and analyzed the top 25 songs to see which led to heartache or happily ever after.*

Top First Dance Songs

In first place is Can’t Help Falling in Love sung by Elvis Presley with 10.48% of votes. Nearly 60 years since the song’s release and we still love Elvis tenderly.

Second place goes to Your Song by the nation’s Rocket Man Elton John with 9.83% of votes. This famous song has been covered by many artists and has been played in an array of films, so no surprise it is one of our favorites to play at weddings.

Thirdly, securing 9.24% of votes is another Elton John hit in arguably one of the best Disney films, The Lion King with Can You Feel The Love Tonight.

Lastly, it’s sad news for mums as Michael Bublé’s Everything scored only 1.37% of votes. However, Bublé’s bubble is still intact as these are the Top 25 first dance songs making it a blowing achievement!

The Top Happily Ever After Songs

First place: The secret song to a long and happy marriage is Elton John’s Lion King classic, Can You Feel the Love Tonight as a whopping 77% of people are still happily married. Even after 26 years, The Lion King track continues to warm hearts and solidify relationships.

The second “happiest” song is our choir favourite, Isn’t She Lovely by Stevie Wonder. 75% of people who had this song for their first dance are still married making it a definite signed, sealed and delivered happy marriage song.

Thirdly is the king of swing, Frank Sinatra, with his cover of The Way You Look Tonight securing 74% of votes.

In addition, out of the four Disney songs featured in the list, Can You Feel The Love Tonight, A Whole New World, You’ll Be In My Heart, and You’ve Got A Friend In Me, three achieved over 70% of happy marriages.

So, it seems that a musical tune is key for a first dance song.