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LITERARY LOCAL | Michelle Schaub of Downers Grove


DOWNERS GROVE–When Downers Grove author, Michelle Schaub’s three children were little, they were naturally drawn to science. As a family, they visited many museums and read stacks of nonfiction science books. The early love of science stuck with them, and they are all now headed into STEM fields. “The love stuck with me, too,” says Michelle. “It inspired me to write a children’s book to spark the next generation of little scientists.”

Dream Big, Little Scientists: A Bedtime Book is an innovative bedtime story focused on twelve kids and their individual love for different STEM fields, from astronomy to oceanography to physics. Their bedrooms are decorated to highlight their field interest, including posters of real scientists. As each child prepares themselves for bed, the young reader is immersed in descriptions and facts for each science, written in simple terms. Michelle has also written extension materials on her website to further explore any interest that has been sparked.

A previous middle school language arts teacher and author of two children’s poetry collections, Michelle is passionate about educating and boosting literacy through children’s picture books. Dream Big, Little Scientists: A Bedtime Book is available locally through Anderson’s Bookstores or online through Amazon and Barnes and Noble. -Mindy Kyle


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