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LITERARY LOCALS | Karen Bedore, Another Lifetime


Aurora resident, Karen Bedore is a huge fan of the medieval/Renaissance time period, especially in Italy that fostered many amazing artists and musicians. The combination of that love and being a big fan of Doctor Who, inspired a curiosity of going back in time to meet some of the greats and see the world through their eyes. “I am a hopeless romantic,” says Karen, “and with my husband being an artist, the subject is close to my heart.”

Another Lifetime is the story of twenty-two-year-old Aria Carucci who was left stunned that a recent discovery of a work from fifteenth-century artist Enzo Benenati was accompanied by a sketch of a woman who could be her twin. Her research to uncover the truth takes a universal turn and slides her back in time to 1459 Florence. Thrown together by chance, Aria and Enzo fall in love, only to be at the mercy of the hands of fate.

The book is the first book in a trilogy series. Enzo’s Story, the second book was released in 2018, and the final book in the series will be released later this year. Another Lifetime and Enzo’s Story are currently available through Amazon.

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