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LITERARY LOCAL | The Holistic Rx for Kids: Parenting Healthy Brains and Bodies in a Changing World


BOLINGBROOK–Board-certified holistic family physician and author of The Holistic Rx Madiha M. Saeed, MD shifts the focus from adults to children in her timely new book.

Her latest book The Holistic Rx for Kids: Parenting Healthy Brains and Bodies in a Changing World offers holistic parenting guidelines for raising the whole child—healthy brain, body and soul—in a changing world. It was launched in early November 2021 and is part of her best-selling functional medicine children’s book series.

Dr. Saeed shares that COVID-19 and all that came with it proved to be the biggest challenge while completing her latest release. Mentored by other other functional medicine practitioners along the way, her inspiration for writing this book was her children, who are also up and coming world-wide holistic influencers.

Dr. Saeed is the director of education for Documenting Hope and KnoWEwell. She sits on multiple medical advisory boards Mamapotamous and Wellness Mama, who was named one of the 100 most influential people in health and wellness. Dr Saeed is the president of including (Nagamia Institute of Islamic Medicine and Sciences).

This local mom and her children speak internationally in the most prestigious holistic, podcasts (like MindBodyGreen), conferences (like Wahls Seminar and Academy of Integrative Health and Medicine), summits, radio, TV (CBS, NBC and ABC) and newspaper. She is a regular on the international Emmy winning medical talk show the Dr. Nandi Show.

Dr Saeed's children host "The Holistic Kids' Show" podcast with interviewing the biggest names in the functional, holistic and integrative medicine world, helping kids empower and educate other kids. They speak internationally igniting the world with their energy and passion to ignite a healing revolution to save our future. Available on Amazon and in select book stores.


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