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LITERARY LOCAL | Michael Rossi of Naperville

Author of The Doxxing of Clearwater High

NAPERVILLE–For the past twenty years, Michael Rossi has taught English, coached cross country, and directed theatre productions for Neuqua Valley High School. Being part of the education community was great fodder for his newest book, The Doxxing of Clearwater High. “This book is entirely a work of fiction,” says Michael. “None of the characters are based on current or past co-workers or students.” Our current world of social media and prolific instant video availability spurred Michael’s imagination to explore what would be the most interesting stories involving digital secrets. “We spend so much time creeping on one another’s profiles and private information, it is messing with how we see ourselves and others. It was fun coming up with all kinds of wacky secrets.”

Clearwater is a town that has forgotten that every great teacher is first a good liar. All of that changes one day when a mysterious hacker uploads 119 private files stolen from Clearwater’s teachers. The Doxxing of Clearwater High tells the stories of the teachers and students exposed by the suburban Wikileaks. The science teacher with the shocking search history. The math teacher who made a sex tape. The English teacher concealing a hidden punk rock past. The community is forced to acknowledge that those charged with teaching the humanities are often the most fallibly human themselves.

The Doxxing of Clearwater High is available at Anderson’s Bookstore in downtown Naperville. Michael would love for you to buy the book there. “If they are all sold out, write a letter to the mayor and demand they get more copies! That’s why we have a mayor!”


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