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LITERARY LOCAL | Local Dad Shares His Dad Wisdom In New Book


Sean Hastings, a Naperville fitness business owner and full-time salesperson for a public accounting firm, was beginning to feel all kinds of different emotions when thinking of his oldest son, JD, heading off to college in the fall. One of which, was not feeling that he had shared enough knowledge and life lessons with him. “I started writing down pieces of “wisdom”, so to speak,” said Sean. “Every time a thought came into my head, I’d write it down.”

His intention was to simply print the thought off in a pamphlet to give as a graduation gift. Not knowing how to print it and make it look professional, he turned to Amazon and discovered kindle direct publishing. His book, Dad Wisdom 1.0 was born.

“Writing those pieces of wisdom made me look at myself, too. I’ve made many mistakes along the way,” says Sean. “There were many simple and important ideals that got lost or forgotten as I got older. I decided to publish it because I thought others may benefit from reading it.” He gave a copy of the book to his son, Clark, who is a sophomore this year, but has every intention of creating Dad Wisdom 2.0 by the time Clark graduates.

Dad Wisdom 1.0 is available on Amazon in paperback or on Kindle.

-Mindy Kyle, Photos Submitted


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