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LITERARY LOCAL | J.T. Patten of Naperville


NAPERVILLE–After writing several “black operations” special mission and intelligence books that aligned with prior professional work in the intelligence and military community, Naperville author J.T. Patten decided to try something new. Whispers of a Gypsy is a work of dark fiction and horror with strong messages on increased issues of racism, bias, the Romani plight, and most prevalent – anti-Semitism. “I felt the message in this book was very timely to current news coverage and hate crimes,” says Patten. “I am hoping to spur micro changes, awareness and discussion that could occur one reader at a time.”

Dark with twists, Patten’s book is a story about Dwight Skinner, a uniquely gifted boy that falls into a dangerous cat-and-mouse game when a tragic event brings a mysterious Romani neighbor out of seclusion and into the Skinner family’s lives. Horrific secrets are uncovered with the arrival of this monstrous protector…searching for something of the past and with a taste for a specific bloodline.

Whispers of a Gypsy is currently available online at Barnes and Noble and Amazon.

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