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LITERARY LOCAL | Annette Licitra of Winfield Featured In 'Voices of the 21st Century'


Conscious Caring Women Who Make a Difference Featuring Annette Licitra

WINFIELD–In this book, you'll discover the messages of fifty women who have channeled their passion into a mission to make a difference. By joining forces with the other women of Women Speakers Association on the pages of Voices of the 21st Century, these messengers will grow wings that expand their reach beyond their wildest dreams.

50 extraordinary women come together to celebrate a new era. One of them is west suburban resident Annette Licitra. She is an educator, speaker, author and founder of Passionette Palate.

As a Wellness Chef and Holistic Health Coach focusing on digestive health, she empowers professionals by transforming their lives through life-giving foods and holistic healing approaches so that they feel amazing and operate at their peak performance level. She’s passionate about creating a safe space and a strong nutritional foundation for clients as they explore foods and lifestyle choices sustainable for the long-term.

This book shines the spotlight on inspiring women who are transforming the lives of those around them through loving dedication and compassion. Through sharing their personal struggles and challenges, these brave women reimagine the boundaries of what is possible and come to the conclusion that the potential of their influence on the world is limitless.

Whether it’s paying it forward, overcoming negativity, building a business in service, or sharing their personal and financial empowerment tips, we come to see the larger picture of disseminating care, love, and kindness to change the world.

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