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JOURNEY TO WELLNESS | Area Residents Bring Sauna Studios to the West Suburbs to Help Others

Perspire Sauna Studio Coming to Market Meadows Plaza of Naperville

DOWNERS GROVE/NAPERVILLE–Steve Braverman suffered for years with undiagnosed medical issues, visiting doctor after doctor with no answers, until he finally came upon infrared sauna therapy prompting his healing journey to wellness.

As Steve transformed, he knew he wanted to share the benefits with the community he lives in and loves, so he and his wife Araceli (pictured) opened Perspire Sauna Studio in Downers Grove, and will soon open a second studio in the Market Meadows Plaza of Naperville.

“We are really excited to make such a valuable wellness brand more accessible to more people in Naperville who definitely have a high level of wellness awareness and are ready to look and feel better and live a healthier, longer life,” Steve says. “The full spectrum infrared sauna and medical grade red light therapy (RLT) provides an invigorating deep tissue sweat, leaving you fully refreshed and rejuvenated as it detoxes the body, burns calories, supports metabolism, reduces inflammation, boosts immunity, and promotes collagen and elastic production.”

The overall outcome is a relaxed mind, calm nervous system, and overall zen experience.

“Focusing on overall wellness, and not just physical fitness, is a trend that will continue within the health industry for 2023,” Steve adds. “Infrared sauna and red light therapy sessions provide not only physical benefits, such as clearer skin, up to 400 calories burned, they also provide a healing environment to disconnect and focus on selfcare.”

Pre-sales for the Naperville location include a complimentary session and lowered rates for founding membership reservations prior to opening. Once open, initial sessions for new guests will be offered at $20. -Kristen Kucharski, Photos by Mike Catuara


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