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HOME DESIGN | Celebrity Decorator Shares Tips to Inexpensively Create a Chic & Cozy Space

by Shani Moran, Founder of Pillow Pops

Unfortunately due to COVID-19 we are spending all of our time at home with very little mobility. Our living spaces have become incredibly important and conducive to our general wellbeing and our mental health. I’d love to share some important and practical tips to assist you in refreshing your surroundings. By feeling inspired and secure in our space, we can become self- empowered and internally reassured. Pampering your home is an act of self-love and care- something we all need to give ourselves far more often than we do.

Tip 1 Decorate to fit your mood and create an atmosphere that you love

Consider what colors you find soothing - these colors may mean different things to different people. Close your eyes and think of a moment you want to remember… Last year’s summer holiday, a cozy cabin by the icy mountains, Christmas dinner or a walk in the woods. Recognize a comforting emotion? Replay it in your mind and take notice of the colors that are dominant. These may very well be your personal soothing colors. For instance light aqua tones may bring the ocean into your living room bringing in a familiar fresh scent from the beach, while others may yearn for warmth created by browns or intense reds that create a true cozy atmosphere.

Tip 2: Don’t be afraid of color

Experiment, engage and feel inspired. Using bright, vibrant colors brings a dynamic movement into the room - the kind we all miss so much these days. In the past people largely stuck to neutrals and easy to manage colors, today’s trends teach us that colors don't need to be managed but simply enjoyed! Embrace Pantone’s color of the year Classic Blue, the bright blue is a great mood lifter and symbolizes freedom and happiness.

Tip 3: Reuse and Repurpose Things You Already Have

Many of us have an endless amount of serving dishes and fruit balls that we hide deep in our kitchen cabinets, since the day our aunt ‘Karen’ gifted it to us over a family reunion. Well now it's time to use them! These could serve as great decorative items on your coffee table and around the house. I personally use fruit balls and dishes to decorate my coffee table and other areas in the house. Simply match them up with your decor and create a lovely decorative symbiosis.

Tip 4: Personalize your home.

Decorative pillows are an easy way to change your atmosphere affordably and the covers can be easily washed and changed. Become your own interior decorator – have fun with it. My website has plenty of ideas you can use for inspiration.

Go ahead, TRY IT! Revive. Refresh. Reinvent

Be Home Be Happy

Shani Moran, Founder of Pillow Pops