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Tim and Katie McManigal, Founders of Peak Health Institute


WARRENVILLE–Tim and Katie McManigal, the founders of Peak Health Institute have a passion for helping individuals to excel in health and wellness after the pair have navigated their own personal health struggles, including both having had Lyme disease. Caretakers by nature, Katie was a NICU RN at Lurie Children’s hospital, then a nurse practitioner; and Tim worked as a firefighter with a background in athletics and performance optimization.

Personally dedicated to a healthy and active lifestyle, with a focus on functional medicine, they opened Peak Health Institute providing cutting edge therapies to bring individuals options for taking their health to the next level through improved mind and body function.

Katie McManigal, Co-Founder of Peak Health Institute

“We help moms to get stronger, repair their hormonal balance, improve cognitive function and become their best version of themselves,” Katie shares.

“We help executives to optimize brain health and cognitive function and athletes to excel by optimizing their cellular health and mitochondrial health. On the flip side of that, we work hard with chronically sick individuals to help them regain their life.”

Some of their favorite tools to promote health optimization are medical weight loss, bioidentical hormone therapy, peptide therapy, vitamin IV infusions, ozone therapy, sauna and detoxification programs, and NAD+. One of their trendier offerings is EMSCULPTneo for body contouring, decreasing fat by 30% and increasing muscle by 25% in targeted areas.

With the advances of technology, Peak Health Institute can service anyone anywhere with the use of telemedicine, but certain services of course do require in-person visits.

Reclaim your health and call today! -Kristen Kucharski, Photos Submitted

Peak Health Institute

3S517 Winfield Rd, Warrenville