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GLANCING THE GALLANT | The Art of Young Success

by Kristen Kucharski


NAPERVILLE–11-year-old Izzy and 10-year-old Alexa dabbled in selling lotions, lip gloss and sugar scrubs, but it wasn’t until Izzy made a candle for Alexa did they have the aha moment of a true entrepreneur.

“I ordered the ingredients, Bee’s Wax and more from Amazon,” Izzy says. “I loved the process. It was a lot like melting chocolate, but there was more, like adding fragrances and colors; however, my dad told me I couldn’t keep doing it without learning the business-side of it.”

Although much of the girls’ time is spent at Xtreme Dance Force at Xtreme Dance Center; socializing with friends or baking, Alexa and Izzy chose to learn more. They experimented a lot to ensure they made a high quality candle, watching a lot of YouTube videos, perusing Etsy, and following relevant Instagram accounts. The end result produced a non-petroleum, 100% pure soy-based candle, with scent and coloring throughout that burns for at least 30 hours.

“Along the way, I have learned a lot about money and investment,” Izzy adds. “I opened my own bank account over quarantine and Fred Oh, at Naperville Bank and Trust sat down with me to teach me about investing. I think I’d rather create businesses instead of baking cupcakes. I can do that at home, but I want to be an entrepreneur.”

The $12 four-ounce candles come in many fragrances such as Citrus Agave; Cinnamon Vanilla, Lush Linen, Day at the Spa, Chocolate Fudge, Rosemary Sage, Fallen Leaves and Plumeria. They are available at, as well as in local west suburban stores such as Little Luxuries in Naperville, Velvet Grace in Oswego, Jeans and a Cute Top Shop in Wheaton & St. Charles, Kie & Kate Couture and Hazyl Boutique, both in Elmhurst.

Alexa loves the balance of friendship and fun in their new business.

“It is relaxing smelling all the beautiful scents, but it’s hard to be patient waiting for wax to rise or drop to certain temperatures; but we get a chance to plan, start the candle process, play, come back to the candles, play again and repeat!”

Determination, energy and creativity are the driving forces behind the success of these young entrepreneurs and they are excited to launch into even more boutiques and revel in the joy of working for themselves. -Photos Submitted


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