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GLANCING THE GALLANT | Teen Brings Positivity to the World Around Us


At just 15 years-old, St. Charles East High School freshman, Mckayla Mitchell has already discovered how to occupy her time and emotions during the State mandated “Shelter in Place”.

“I decided to paint my door after my mom got the idea from a Facebook post shared by our neighbor, Angie Einwich,” Mckayla says.

Drawing and painting is therapeutic and something Mckayla does when she is bored. It has always been a part of her life. By the time she entered 7th grade, it began to be more of a calming technique as she discovered it was a great tool for when she was feeling anxious.

“Many of my drawings became more real to me as I would draw about what I was feeling or things that were going on in my life,” she shares. “When I painted our door, I was really stressed over this whole Pandemic going on. It really helped me focus my anxiety onto one thing instead of worrying about something I can’t control. It’s better to worry about the colors you’re using than the national pandemic going around.”

Mckayla also uses writing stories and music, playing her viola and guitar, and animals to find much needed peace during this unsettling time.