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GLANCING THE GALLANT | Caring Workers at Cosley Zoo In Wheaton During the Pandemic


During this pandemic, we can quickly forget that essential workers include staff members at Cosley Zoo in Wheaton who care for all the animals.

Zoo Director, Susan Wahlgren oversees 13 staff members who are now coming in smaller groups to actively prepare and provide diets and clean enclosures, develop environmental enrichment, conduct training sessions and behavioral research, and work to save endangered species. Her dedicated and passionate employees do it all at a place that just can’t shut its doors.

“Regardless of holidays, severe weather, or the type of situation we are currently experiencing, the welfare of our animals is always the top priority,” Wahlgren shares. “It is personally very hard for me to adequately express my deep appreciation for the amazing staff at Cosley Zoo. The animal care staff are truly superheroes.”

With the potential of limited sponsored events this year, hopes to continue funding their $4,500/day zoo operation is a real concern. An easy way for people to help financially, without spending any money, is to utilize AmazonSmile when making any purchases on Amazon by directing a portion of their purchase (.5%) to the Cosley Foundation, which will help sustain the zoo.

We are all in this together – animals and all! - Kristen Kucharski

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