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GLANCING THE GALLANT | 11 Year Old Autistic Girl Thrives During eLearning, Creating Beautiful Art


Formerly Valrico, Florida

During this pandemic, virtual learning has not been easy for anyone, it is time consuming and sometimes frustrating, especially for parents working full-time and supporting a child with Autism.

Carly Sanchez was diagnosed with Autism at 2.5 years old. Today, at 11 years old, she is flourishing; however, that doesn’t mean she isn’t easily distracted by the daily activities of other family members in the household and isn’t struggling without her daily routine and the structure she received while in school.

“Being forced to home school our children coupled with the stress of the pandemic has been taxing; but on the other hand, has afforded me the opportunity to see Carly in action,” her mother Trudy shares. “Seeing her blossom, completing assignments and interacting with her peers during Zoom meetings brings me an overwhelming amount of comfort. It gives me renewed strength to push forward and forge on.”

This Girl With An Umbrella color wheel art piece was created by Carly while following along to a video shared by her Art Teacher, Mr. Patrick. This assignment was part of her virtual learning lesson plan for art. Trudy was overjoyed while watching Carly follow along with sheer determination while freely drawing and creating her masterpiece. She took great pride in perfecting her work and this was beyond gratifying to watch as a parent!

The current safer at home mandate has allowed the Sanchez family the opportunity to slow down and enjoy the little things in life. -Kristen Kucharski


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