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GLANCER MAGAZINE | New Digital-Only Format to Continue Captivating Vast West Suburban Audience


by Lindy Kleivo, Glancer Magazine

In case you missed Glancer Magazine's June issue, Here It Is! As always, thank you so much for your readership and continued support, especially through this unprecedented time. Like countless local businesses, we have also endured many set backs these past few months, resulting in changes to come earlier than originally planned.

To those who honored our partnership since life was turned upside down in mid-March, and treated us as a priority marketing partner during this very difficult time, we could not be more appreciative and grateful. It is because of YOU and your belief in our strong local brand, that we will continue to succeed as a leading local publisher as we move to digital-only.

Our newly innovative digital-only format is unlike any other media vehicle in the local marketplace– built on creativity, trending publishing techniques and emerging digital strategies. With printed magazines continuing to become obsolete in the local marketplace, our digital-only platform will prove to be far more beneficial to the community & to our ad partners, allowing us to give the market what it craves by publishing in real-time and expanding to more communities, thus providing a far greater reach.

As our industry has continued to change, market demand has been trending towards an all-digital platform for quite some time - so much so, that we have done a fabulous job of operating under both platforms as a duo-platform publication which has allowed us to build a vast digital audience these past couple of years while still printing Glancer Magazine.

To date, we have over 20K digital subscribers, which far surpassed our number of print subscribers, along with close to 40K website visitors per month and 35K+ combined social media followers– and growing. We have been so active with our digital platform, that it has recently become our primary method of circulation.

Because of this, our transition to all-digital was already set for 2021. However, COVID-19 made us finalize these plans a bit earlier since our distribution locations were closed and magazines were no longer allowed on display once they began to reopen under Phase 3 guidelines. Though change is never easy, we used this time to research, restructure & rebuild and I am very excited for all that lies ahead!

As I enter my 20th year in local publishing, our well-branded tag line "WE KNOW LOCAL" could not be more true! I have seen so much in local publishing - good & bad - and in a time of ever-changing media, I am proud to remain the Founding Publisher of an independent local media vehicle that is loved by so many, while using our voice responsibly to celebrate the community and deliver trending daily news, views and events. This is what my company was founded on and this is what #TeamGlancer does best.

I invite you to become a registered Glancer today by subscribing to our monthly, weekly and daily digital format – and please continue to support our ad partners.It would truly mean the world to so many!

Thanks so much for reading. Stay connected for many exciting things to come.......

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