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FUN ON THE FOX | A Mini-Golf Adventure Awaits

FUN ON THE FOX | A Mini-Golf Adventure Awaits

Families Love this Local 18-Hold Course in Pottawatomie Park

ST. CHARLES–Whether you’ve been coming to River View Miniature Golf Course for decades or it’s your first time, the 18-hole course provides a new adventure every time. Sitting along the banks of the Fox River in Pottawatomie Park, River View has been a recreational destination in the community for 50 years.


Warm-up your putt-putt skills with “Beginners Luck” in Hole 1 and “Crazy Eight” at Hole 2. But don’t get too confident as the obstacles begin to ramp up along the way, as the course incorporates rocks, tunnels, hills, logs, a windmill and lighthouse– among other physical barriers. Enjoy the entertaining hole names throughout, such as “I Dare You” at Hole 4; “Dead Man’s Curve” at Hole 6; “Rocky Road” at Hole 9; “Leap of Faith” at Hole 13; and “Blindman’s Bluff” at the final hole.


Don’t forget to snap a few photos, as the Fox River provides a calming and picturesque backdrop. There are also water features on the course that make for fun photo opportunities including the babbling brook, water fall and waterwheel. Or cozy up with family and friends to snap a shot in the Victorian-style gazebo.


Minigolf is open daily in June with Putt & Save discounts offered on weekdays.


FUN ON THE FOX | A Mini-Golf Adventure Awaits




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