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FITNESS 2021 | New Year Tips from Local Personal Trainers


GENEVA/WHEATON–Owner, Hank Ebeling is known to be the go-to personal trainer for women with a commitment to stay strong and healthy.

H4 Training values its gym community while providing a clean, professional, and welcoming environment, assuring an incredible member experience for any age, fitness level or gender.

The small group training environment allows better results with a shorter more intense workout maintaining social distancing and personal attention. H4’s YouTube page is also loaded with workouts and updated weekly for those who would prefer to stay at home.

Hank feels so confident in your experience with H4 that if you currently belong to another gym and choose to participate in his 30-day free trial and don’t think it’s the best, he will pay for a month at your current gym.

“In 2021, I challenge everyone to really put a focus on their personal health,” Hank says. “It is more important than ever to make sure your body, mind, and immune system are strong.”



H4 Training specializes in individualized personal training, in a small group setting, while always adding new exercises and equipment to improve client results.

Megan Brash Of Wheaton

CPT-NASM, Group fitness instructor-AFAA, Boxing

Fitness instructor- Box ‘N Burn Academy, TRX

Suspension Training Certified

Megan has been a personal trainer since 2008 and loves the flexible schedule that works around her three children. She believes fitness trends will come and go but always return to the same principles; a balanced diet, exercise to get your heart rate up (cardio), and weight bearing exercises.

Megan advises to focus on functional movements such as exercises that move the body in natural ways/help with everyday tasks) and help keep a healthy, injury free body.

“Find something you love and hold yourself accountable in some way”

Relaxing and Meditation Wellness Tips

• Find time to be in your own thoughts (like taking a walk)

• Listen to music

• Read a book

• Journal

• Have a cup of tea in the evening

Sculpted Legs Tips

• Use weights and lift heavy at least once a week

• Work all the parts of your legs

• Vary the types of resistance you use

(weights, bands, body weight)

• Incorporate plyometrics (jumping) if you can

• Reverse lunges, banded lateral walks, goblet squats,

box jumps, and lateral lunges


Gabe Davila of Oswego/Aurora

ACE (American Council on Exercise certified trainer), PN1 (Precision Nutrition Level 1 certification)

Gabe believes that online and at-home options are a niche trend that will continue to grow along with other digital offerings; however, it cannot replace the aesthetical fitness results that are generated when working with a personal trainer educated on the most up-to-date science and programming incorporating the right balance of recovery days and stretching.

“No matter what you do, pick a mode of exercise that you can consistently do and make sure it's fun, so that way you keep coming back to it”

Beginner Cardio Tips

• Short, intense cardio sessions that are (10-30 minutes)

• Supplement cardio with strength training to burn more fat

• Cardio is anything that gets you heart pumping for a

prolonged duration

• Hill walks and sprints burn calories and great for the legs

• Cardio after strength training for better results

Glute Tips:

• Do direct glute exercises that isolate your buns

• Squats/lunges too

• Use exercises that involve different planes of motion:

side lunges/lateral band walks

• Training the glutes/lower body 2-3 times a week

• Eat your protein!


Taylor Block of Geneva

Taylor strongly urges people to stop comparing themselves to others with the reminder that if you set small goals for yourself, you are more likely to stick with it over the long run. She believes anything is possible if you have a positive mindset and are willing to work hard toward your goal.

"Hard work beats talent when talent doesn't work hard”

Healthy Eating Tips

• Half your plate should be veggies

• Eat the rainbow

• Plan ahead before grocery shopping and stick

to the outer aisles in the grocery store

• Start tracking your food (not calories) to look for

healthier changes

• Stop cutting carbs. Lots of carbohydrates contain vitamins

and minerals our bodies need. Instead, focus on the types

of carbs you're eating.

Belly Buster Tips

• Watch out for sneaky sugars like in natural fruit juices

• Portion control! Eat smaller portions

• Don't eat while distracted

• Drink more water

• You can't spot treat. Belly fat comes off by losing overall body fat.


Jordan Scott Reyes of Chicago

NASM Certified personal trainer, B.A. in Exercise Science, Certified Precision Nutrition

According to Jordan, people will be more data driven due to the advances in wearable technology and will start to focus on the holistic aspects of health such as sleep and recovery rather than just the "faster, stronger" approach. Finding a program, a trainer, an at-home based fitness model, or a gym/studio that you ENJOY will make all the difference in keeping a consistent workout regime.

“Every individual is different, but everyone needs movement - so find something that helps you move to be a better you.”

Guilty “Healthy” Pleasures Tips

• Halo Top Ice Cream

• Kodiak Protein Pancakes

• Smoothies with Almond Milk

• Justin's Organic Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups.

• A GoMacro "Protein Pleasure" bar heated up exactly

9 seconds in the microwave!

Big Guns/Fit Arms Tips

• Change up your volume and intensity.

Low heavy reps to High Lighter reps

• Add variety to tempo - "burn" out reps, slow

concentrated tempos, isometric pauses

• One-arm high-cable curl

• One-arm side raise while maintaining a lateral lean

H4 Training

26W293 Geneva Rd, Wheaton

1188 E State Street, Suite D, Geneva

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