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FAMILY LOVE STORY | The Kainrath Family

by Kristen Kucharski

How do you spell love –Piglet

You don’t spell it, you feel it –Pooh

NAPERVILLE–When Kristen was maid of honor at one her closet friend’s wedding and Bruce was the best man, they felt it and married five years later at Sacred Heart Church in New York followed by a honeymoon in the Caribbean. Fast forward another 25 years, the couple decided to renew their wedding vows in Monroe, New York at St. Anastasia Church, followed by a romantic COVID-19 getaway at the Sky Top Lodge in Pennsylvania. They were thrilled to share this celebration with her mother, their children, and other relatives present; after all their parents were their guiding light with 50 years of marriage each.

Kristen, an Honors Math and Project Idea teacher at Naperville’s Meadow Glens Elementary School; a Yoga teacher and Reiki Master at Abhyaasa Yoga Studio in Naperville, and the founder of Bring Your Own Bag Naperville, and Bruce, the owner of People’s Construction in Naperville have three children, Ryan (33) serving in the Air Force in Florida with his wife and daughter; Adam (21) a recent Western Michigan University graduate, and Brooke (17) a senior at Naperville Central High School.

With busy professional and social lives, in addition to children and grandchildren, any marriage must master beginning each day with a deep breath, smile, and the willingness to start each day renewed.

“The bond of friendship and family, and the strength of forgiveness are without a doubt what allowed our marriage to endure,” Kristen says. “We are happier now than we have ever been and planning for the next 25 years is full of excitement and joy.”

Following a motto of “Lighten up and Let it Go” the couple is thrilled to have been able to celebrate the sacred occasion of renewed marriage and knows that no matter what, they will be able to overcome any obstacles ahead of them and forge ahead with the foundation of everlasting love. They are hopeful for a second honeymoon to Hawaii or Europe in this summer!

Photos by Mike Catuara

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