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ELBURN/ST. CHARLES–Kane County Sheriff Ron Hain and Ashley Sloane met at work and became best friends. Their love continued to grow and on a get-away trip to Charleston, SC in November 2019, Ron surprised Ashley when they walked onto a waterfront pier and he got down on one knee and proposed.

They were excited to bring together their newly blended family, Mason Hain (17), Ashlyn Hain (16), Sloane Kosinski (8), and Delavan Kosinski (4) for a big wedding in Disney World, but due to COVID-19, the trip was unfortunately cancelled.

However, ‘Dreams Really Do Come True’ and just like a true fairytale, love conquers all. With Ron’s brother officiating, the two were joined together as one in their Elburn kitchen with family and friends witnessing through the living room window from the front lawn. Thanks to the innovative technologies of Zoom, the ceremony was viewed across the country.

The Hain family has a lot of love to share throughout their new family of six.

“Having four kids with a wide age range means always scanning for new ways to support, engage them, and make them feel equally loved and important,” Ron says. “The littles get up around 6:30 a.m. and are in bed by 8 p.m., then the teens really become active; so, there’s never much down time. But, having a loving wife, who is an incredible mother, makes all of it seamless and fun.”

Ron may be the Sheriff in town, but Delavan (4) runs the house and keeps everyone on their toes with her humor and antics, while the other kids complete their e-learning and look forward to returning to softball, tennis, and college visits.

Living in Elburn, the family loves downtown establishments like Gaedel's, Schmidt's and Obscurity and enjoy the proximity of St. Charles and Geneva for entertainment and food. They are a social bunch and cannot wait to reconnect with family and friends and share their newfound joy in each!


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