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FABULOUS FAMILY | Meet the Krake Family of Oswego


With seven (7) kids there are never really any typical days for the Krake family of Oswego. According to Lindsey (mom), “It’s controlled chaos - some days more control, some days more chaos; but, always fun.”

While David (dad) works as an accountant, Lindsey is a stay at home mom who keeps everyone going in the right directions at the right times! David (18) will be going to college to study cinematography in the Fall, leaving Lindsey and David to manage the other six schedules through Oswego Community School activities, participation in various programs at Community Christian Church in Naperville and Harvest New Beginnings Church in Oswego where Brendan (17) also plays in the church band; the multitude of Tae Kwon Do sessions; robotics competitions for Alyssa (15); and creative play and art projects with Alli (9), Chloe (8), Emma (6), and Coen (4).

Grounding their family in the core belief of working hard, having fun, and helping others, the Krake family feels lucky to have so many people they can count on for love and support. Growing up in the western suburbs and living across the world from Kobe, Japan to Milwaukee, WI, and back to

Oswego, IL again, the Krake’s value the gift of giving back to local and global charities and strongly encourage others to donate time or money to help others stay healthy and safe.

Always enjoying outdoor activities, the family recently took advantage of an impromptu photo shoot that included custom t-shirts identifying the timeline of the family’s progression:

Mom and Dad of course are the ‘Executive Producers’

....David, as the first child, is ‘The Original’

....Brendan, up next is ‘The Remix’

....Alyssa, the first daughter, brought ‘A Fresh New Beat’

....Alli, as the second girl, is ‘Remastered’

....Chloe is their ‘Mix Tape’

....Emma is the ‘Encore’

....and Coen closes out the show as the ‘Mic Drop’

The daily production of life with the Krake’s requires everyone to do their part. Lots of planning, scripting, storyboarding, and everything in between to create the final master copy.


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