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EDUCATION | Local Students Get Help with Career Choices through Aptitude Testing at Career Vision


What are you doing after high school? You know further education is important. Do you need help finding the right career choice? The Career Vision Aptitude Advantage can help.

Aptitudes identify your strongest talents, the jobs you would enjoy and be good at doing. Combining your aptitudes with your interests, Career Vision reveals your career choices. You also receive resources about college majors, job outlook, and preparation needed for those careers.

If you have asked “What should I study?”, “What will I do after college?” and want to learn how Career Vision can help, give

them a call. Their assessment process is a positive and an objective way to give you confidence to make good career choices. And your Personal Career Consultant will take time to discuss the test results with you and go over all your choices.

If you are going to college and want to know what to study, reach out to Career Vision today. If you have graduated college and still haven’t found your best fit, the professional consultants at Career Vision can help you, too. For over 30 years they have been helping students and adults find their best career choices.

Career Vision • • (630) 469-6270


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