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DUPAGE COUNTY | State’s Attorney Encourages Peaceful Protests, Cautions Against Violence


On Thursday, DuPage County State’s Attorney Robert Berlin reiterated his support for peaceful protests in DuPage County but warned that law enforcement throughout the County will continue to be on the lookout for those who would take advantage of the protests to commit crimes. “The First Amendment, which guarantees freedom of speech, press, religion and the people’s right to assemble and petition their government, is sacred to our democracy and for the past two-hundred-twenty-nine-years has protected the basic freedoms and rights of all United States citizens.” Berlin said. “Throughout DuPage County, law enforcement stands together to support and protect the First Amendment. We also stand together in protecting our residents from those who would pervert our right to assemble to commit criminal activity.”

Photo Credit: Karen Toner, Balboa's Cheesesteaks

15 individuals have been arrested and charged since June 1, 2020, for crimes allegedly committed under the guise of peaceful protesting ranging from Possession of an Incendiary Device, Attempted Terrorism, Burglary and Possession of a Stolen Motor Vehicle.

“The charges filed against these individuals sends the message that in DuPage County we will not tolerate any attempt to utilize a legitimate protest as a cover to commit any type of criminal behavior and anyone suspected of such activity will be caught, arrested and vigorously prosecuted,” Berlin continued. “I commend law enforcement throughout the County for their truly outstanding, cooperative efforts in simultaneously protecting our right to peacefully assemble while at the same time keeping a vigilant eye out for those seeking to commit crimes against our residents, businesses and communities.”

A peaceful protest was held in Downtown Naperville on Thursday, concluding at 5:30pm. It was recorded LIVE by Napevrille's NCTV Some protesters remained in the downtown area following the conclusion of the event, chanting 'Take a Knee' where there was a large police presence.

As community protests continue throughout the weekend, there will be a high police presence in all communities in the event of criminal activity following the peaceful, organized events.


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