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COVER STORY | Sara Turnquist, Local Party Host to Know


“Some of the best summer memories are made in flip flops” –Kellie Elmore

NAPERVILLE–Some of Sara’s favorite childhood summer memories are of the Farmington Fourth of July Parade, Block Party and Talent Show. She moved into the Farmington Subdivision of Naperville over 35 years ago when it was just being developed. Her family was one of the first five families in that neighborhood and because of that her parents had an extremely close group of friends that planned lots of fun events to get to know one another and bring the community together, such as the annual July 4th celebration.

“I remember decorating bikes for the bike parade, playing backyard games and running through the blocked off streets with my friends,” Sara says. “In the evening there was a neighborhood talent show and just about everyone participated with dances and skits complete with costumes and props. It makes me smile just thinking about all the good times we had in our early years in Naperville.”

With so few experiences for high school seniors this year, Sara really wanted to make Senior Year Prom memorable for her daughter Ava and her closest friends. She wanted to ensure Ava could look back at this big day years from now and also, ‘just smile thinking about it’.

Just prior to prom, Sara purchased matching gold butterfly necklaces for Ava and her friends as their graduation gift and chose that gift as the theme of the prom pre-party.

“My dear friend, Courtney Perry, helped me in ordering the pale pink robes and flip flops and provided the personalization on behalf of her company, Crushed Goods,” she says. “I wanted the robes to be something the girls could use again in college; we kept the design simple with gold accents and a delicate butterfly added to each robe. As the girls arrived and put on their robes and flip flops, they headed upstairs where I had vanities and desks set up with lighted make-up mirrors, each girl had a spot to do their hair and makeup.”

While the girls got ready laughing and singing along to their favorite songs, a light lunch was set up for them downstairs. During lunch, I shared their graduation gift and a poem I wrote tying together the new chapter of their life and the symbol of the butterfly. I wanted the girls to have special memories of their senior prom and am so proud of how the event turned out. The girls were extremely grateful and had a wonderful time together and of course all looked beautiful!”

Surrounded by a supportive group of parents that were determined to bring joy to these seniors as their time at Neuqua Valley High School ended and summer 2021 was just beginning, The Last Dance was hosted by the Milivojevic family, complete with a red carpet, food truck, DJ, Prom King and Queen crowning, and of course comfy slippers and themed t-shirts for all.

The night created memories that will last a lifetime and now Sara and her husband look forward to celebrating July 4th with an extended group of friends. The celebration originally started at the Bolingbrook Golf Club for food, games and fireworks and has since shifted to Spoon Lake where friends have homes.

“It's usually 6 or 7 families that come up for a night or two and enjoy time in the lake, on the boat and watching fireworks,” Sara says. “It's something everyone looks forward to each year. When hosting, I think a great event happens when you make it personal for your guests. I love themed events because it makes it easier to set your menu, choose your decor and the rest just falls into place. Simple decorations and centerpieces can help tie it all together and of course I'm a sucker for fun napkins and plates.”

The pre-prom party Butterfly theme was a huge hit and Sara looks forward to building a lifetime of smiles for her family and her children.


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