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COVER STORY | Mike Seminara of Bev’s Downtown Naperville


NAPERVILLE/WOODRIDGE/WESTMONT–Mike is a charismatic, outgoing, friendly, and loyal bartender at Bev’s in Naperville. He loves being able to talk to people and bring a little joy to their day; and enjoys the unique ambiance of the fine-dining pop-up liquor bar with its Mid Century modern vibes and upscale, made-from-scratch fare, craft libations, and distinctive experience.

“Mike is a pleasure to work with. He brings so much to the table. He is funny, hard-working and just genuinely a good person,” Alicia S. of Naperville says. “He is a very skilled bartender and has a creative mind with cocktails.”

With a passion for building things and a prior career in carpentry, Mike takes his job as a mixologist very seriously, so appreciates his downtime filled with music, concerts, and White Sox games. He is also an avid outdoorsman and loves spending time with his 14-year-old, Siberian Husky named Gino.


Favorite cocktail to mix?

Old Fashioned’s

Favorite cocktail or beer to drink?

Midwest Coast Brewing Volkslager. It is a German pilsner and I love having one on a summer night.

Most unique ingredient you've ever mixed with?

We make a Vanilla Peach simple syrup. It brings a warm and sweet mix to one of our signature cocktails that I think really sets us above others

Most unique garnish you've ever used to decorate with?

Making designs in egg white cocktails with bitters

Favorite local place for craft cocktails or brews besides your place of business?

Hizeman’s in Naperville


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