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COVER STORY | Marvelous Mom of Many: Lisa Upham of West Chicago/Wheaton


Lisa’s desire to lead a more natural lifestyle began when she and her husband, Mike, made the decision to start their own family 18 years ago.

“As I read everything I could about pregnancy, birth, and newborns, I knew I wanted to have an unmedicated birth with a midwife at home,” Lisa shares. “I took Bradley Method childbirth classes, hired a birth doula, and guess what — even after a 51-hour labor, I had the natural birth experience that I wanted with a healthy baby on my chest.”

Soon afterwards, Lisa got certified to teach those same classes and started instructing them so that others could have the knowledge that she did to guide them through the process. Eventually, she pursued birth doula training and midwifery education so she could support these families at another level. The need for access to more natural products, education, and support prompted her to also open A Baby Naturally in Wheaton. Lisa continues to teach childbirth classes, train birth doulas through DONA International, and work as an assistant midwife at Gentle Birth Care, a local home birth midwifery practice. A Baby Naturally has expanded through the years to also include high-quality baby apparel, must-have essentials, and unique gifts, provided with knowledge and advice from experienced moms.

Always striving to maintain a healthy and active lifestyle for her family, Lisa understands that inserting self-care on her calendar and prioritizing this time is as important as any other appointment of the day. She loves attending group classes at Peak Fitness in Geneva. Getting outside on the Illinois Prairie Path and kayaking on the local rivers is a great way to spend energetic time with her kids Kyle (17), and avid baseball player and future engineer; Erin (15) currently excelling in softball and tennis; and Ryan (11) a social and dynamic volleyball and baseball enthusiast.

She believes overall wellness is founded on the premise of high expectations to committed goals in all areas for herself and her children such as a balanced diet, solid academic performance, a great attitude, and a strong work ethic inclusive of chores that promote responsibility and teach time management. The family’s involvement in Willow Creek Community Church helps reinforce this overall belief system as well as mom’s favorite phrase of all-time, “Before you speak, ask yourself this - Is it necessary and is it kind?"

Regardless of how busy everyone gets with their on-the-go busy life of the business, school, and multiple sports, Lisa says they always try to eat dinner together as much as they can - even if it means grabbing take-out after three games!

When life presents the opportunity for down-time, Lisa enjoys active fun with her kids and husband at Hawthorne’s Backyard in West Chicago, where they play bags, volleyball, or wiffleball with lunch or dinner.

“Fall in love with taking care of yourself. Mind, body, and spirit!”

-Story by Kristen Kucharski, Photos by Mike Catuara


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