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WOMEN INSPIRED | Jessica Buzinski Shares Her Story on Launching a New Business


GLEN ELLYN–Jessica is outgoing, hardworking, and dedicated. She currently works three jobs, (1 full time, 2 part time), is actively planning a wedding, going to school to be a Family Nurse Practitioner, and still finds time for fun with family and friends!

“It’s all about time management and prioritization,” Jessica says. “If you want to achieve something bad enough, you’ll do anything to get it! I love to-do lists, and timers and always allocate a little of my day to decompress as well.”

In addition to working as a Registered Nurse, she opened Taper & Wick Candle Co. in Glen Ellyn ( eight months ago.

“I grew up within my mother’s spa (Cheveux Salon & Day Spa) and found a love for luxury candles she would always burn there! They brought a sense of peace and tranquility to my life,” Jessica shares. “Fast forward to my first two years as a Nurse on the frontlines at RUSH Oak Park Hospital caring for COVID19, I discovered I needed an artistic outlet to help cope with the daily struggles of being an RN during the pandemic. That’s when I turned to candle making! I always wanted to design a luxury candle brand that was organic, wooden wicks, luxury, and a fraction of the super high end candle brands so it’s affordable for every budget!”

Owning/starting a business from the ground up has taught her so much about discipline, consistency, and hard work; yet she wholeheartedly believes in life balance and has volunteered thousands of hours to causes important to her, including Hunger Task Force. Life outside of work includes wine, charcuterie boards, yoga, and going to the East Branch Dog Park with her fiancé and dog!

Regardless of all the hard work, Jessica is proud to have challenged herself and encourages others to do the say.

“Put yourself in uncomfortable situations such as a new job, harder course work, a new sport, etc.,” she says. “Whatever it is, these experiences will help you grow and shape who you are meant to be! You will thank yourself later!” –Kristen Kucharski

Photo by Mike Catuara

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