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COVER STORY | 8 Balanced Women to Know: Izabela Shelton

by Kristen Kucharski

Photos by Mike Catuara


DOWNERS GROVE–Izabela is balanced both professionally and personally. She is the new Co-Owner of MAR Health & Performance and thrives on working in a space where members are a part of a positive, supportive fitness family community and she can help others become the best version of themselves.

As an active personal trainer as well, she is results oriented, driven, and assertive founded on the basis of discipline and laughter. Izabela has set the bar high for herself with an upcoming goal to win 1st place in the Hyrox Women's Double U.S Open Championship in February 2023.

Carpe Diem! is what makes her tick, beginning her days reading the Bible App Plans and taking in wisdom, courage, patience, fear, and perseverance to ensure personal growth and accountability within her extended support network of friends and clients.

She uses her Apple Watch to set reminder appointments on her calendar for everything from a workout, listening to a podcast, reading, meeting friends at The Foxtail, and even just sitting in a quiet place.

Ultimately, combining fitness and philanthropy when competing in charitable obstacle course races is the optimum win in Izabela’s balance book!

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