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COVER STORY | 8 Balanced Women to Know: Jeanne Deloughery

by Kristen Kucharski

Photos by Mike Catuara


NAPERVILLE–Being able to help and empower people to move in ways that bring them joy is Jeanne’s ultimate mission.

“Growing up surrounded by diet culture, I am grateful for the opportunity to encourage people to move and workout as an act of self-love and joy,” she says. “I also love being able to share information about the body that may help someone overcome or prevent pain and injury.”

Though her hours are filled with running her own business, Move with Jeannie; as well as teaching at Saha Yoga and NForce Fitness, Jeanne ensures to take time for herself to practice the Ashtanga Lineage to rejuvenate her body through a series of yoga poses, combined with deep, controlled breathing techniques.

“There is something about linking breath-to-movement and keeping a focused gaze, or drishti, that seriously settles my mind and brings ease to my body,” Jeanne says.

Yoga, personal training, and fitness classes consume most of her days; however, taking walks in nature, using self-myofascial release, and enjoying a little sweet treat are also must-dos on the daily schedule. Attending Saha Yoga’s special events such as gong-bath meditations, mindfulness workshops, and guided meditations are added bonuses each month.

Her utmost goal is to cultivate longevity for herself and others because “The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago, the second best time is now.” –Chinese Proverb

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