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CHICAGO HIT AGAIN | Looters Destroy Downtown Businesses After a Night of Unrest


Chicago is waking up to widespread vandalism and looting that happened in the downtown area overnight. It started around 1am and continued into the early morning. The unrest also included violence near Lake and Michigan after looters were in a 7 Eleven and guns shots broke out upon police arriving to the scene. No officers were injured during this incident.

Damage is substantial throughout the downtown shopping district including Macy's, COACH, Jimmy Choo Shoes, Old Navy, Best Buy and the Apple store. Expressway entrance ramps were closed until about 7am, while many bridges were still raised as of this morning. Reports have been released that looting is still happening this morning.

Residents are encouraged to stay distanced from downtown Chicago today to avoid traffic problems. Stores are being boarded up along Michigan Avenue and in other areas. It is being reported that looting continues this morning in some areas. Chicago Police Superintendent David Brown and Mayor Lori Lightfoot are scheduled to hold a press conference Monday morning to discuss the overnight violence.

Many news sources are sharing that this was a coordinated effort based on social media posts made throughout the day on Sunday.