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CBD HOUSE | Kerwell Helps Residents Gain the Many Benefits of CBD


NAPERVILLE & DOWNERS GROVE–Kerwell’s CBD Skin Care, Body Care, and Makeup have been developed using a unique blend of soothing botanicals that synergistically identify with one’s own skin; restoring optimal balance, maintaining hydration, and activating anti-aging prevention. This remarkable line utilizes the most modern technology and protects from environmental free radicals using the preventative powers of prominent antioxidants.

Each ingredient functions with efficiency and effectiveness in this classic formula, designed with all-natural herbal elements and CBD compounds to maintain beautiful skin. You’ll be amazed at the Kerwell line's capability to calm any skin type, controlling breakouts and skin irritations. These products also monitor the skin's natural level of oil and water, providing a noticeable reduction of common skin stressors for optimal skin wellness.

Visit us online 24/7 at and let us help get you on the road to a new and healthier lifestyle.


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