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BATAVIA | Batavia Police Department Releases Statement About Planned Protest Set for Today


Due to recent regional events, after learning of a protest being planned for today, Wdnesday June 3, The City of Batavia held an emergency meeting on Tuesday, June 3 to declare a State of Emergency. This was done due to regional civil unrest over the past few days. Though the police do not anticipate today's protest will turn violent, a general curfew was put in place beginning at 7:00 PM June 3, 2020 and ending at 6:00 AM June 4, 2020, in the interest of safety and welfare. Resident can view the order and ordinance here.

Following this State of Emergency declaration, many residents grew worried and concerned, becoming somewhat divided in social media. Amid this concern, the Batavia Police Department released a statement today indicating that all members of the Batavia Police Department "stand ready to facilitate a safe, peaceful rally this afternoon".

The rally is set to take place today, Wednesday, June 3 at 12:00 PM in the 100 block N. Island Avenue in downtown Batavia.

Today's statement read:

"The Batavia Police Department is saddened to hear that our post on 06/02/20 titled "BPD Emergency Alert" has created a sense of division and fear. It was not our intent, and we apologize.

The primary mission of the Police Department is to provide public safety for all of our residents and citizens. After seeing the results of a number of other public assemblies over the past week which all began as peaceful initiatives, it is obvious that there are risks associated with an event of this nature right now. The scenes we’ve all seen play out night after night have distorted the power of the message to demand more accountability and restraint by police. We believe the intent of this rally is to refocus the energy of the people on the message.

Since this event was first publicized by its organizers, many residents and business owners have called our department frantically trying to plan and prepare for a worst-case scenario. While we feel the risk is inherently low, we felt that it was our duty to notify the broader public about this event, and encourage each person and business owner to make the decisions that make them feel most safe. We have no evidence or information that rioting, looting, or other crime is planned or expected at this event. Rumors and speculation of this possibility are rampant on social media, and over the past several days, these rumors have taken on a life of their own. On the contrary, the organizers of this event went to great lengths to ensure this is a peaceful, productive, and inspiring rally for change. The rally is set to begin at noon today, and, has a scheduled conclusion of approximately 2:30 pm The group plans to have a gathering which they’ve described to us as a peaceful “sit-in”. The group has considered safety captains and expressed intentions to police itself within the group to protect the purpose and construct of the rally, as well as the community within which we reside. They have worked with our department and have been open to suggestion and receptive to feedback. While it is our solemn duty to always be prepared for all contingencies, the members of the Batavia Police Department stand ready to facilitate a safe, peaceful rally this afternoon.


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