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ARTIST OF THE WEEK | Perry Slade of Aurora

by Mindy Kyle


Photography is Aurora artist Perry Slade’s favorite form of artistic expression. He enjoys the ability to see a story and capture it right away, as some stories are fleeting. “I have a proclivity for black and white,” says Perry. “However, there are times when I cannot present the story in anything but color to convey my feelings.”

Perry began as an artist at a very young age with an innate ability to draw. As an adult, he self-educated to hone his photography skills by reading and studying the works of others. When he realized the power of the camera and the capacity for photography to serve as a conduit to his creativity, he knew it was his artistic way forward.

Perry’s photographic artwork has been exhibited at facilities such as the Water Street Studio galleries and the Fermilab Art Gallery. He sells his photos in several sizes from limited edition to photographic and poster format, and they are sold at the Cotton Seed Exchange in Aurora, the Aurora Historical Society, the Water Street Studios Online art gallery and various art fairs.

To see more of Perry Slade’s photographs, visit his website at .


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