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ARTIST OF THE WEEK | Cherylyn Gnadt of Aurora

by Mindy Kyle


The meditative quality in carving a block of wood or building up layers in paint, collage or ephemera is Cherylyn Gnadt’s favorite part of creating. On a constant quest for balance as an artist, instructor, communications professional and Mom, she carves out creative time - sometimes quite literally.

“Creating is very personal,” says Cherylyn, “and staying in the lines is not important.” Openly exploring many techniques, her work and process are guided by her heart. Passions steer her in many different directions, including printmaking, collage, one-of-a-kind jewelry, mural painting, and mixed-media. “Often a piece I am compelled to make, explored from a different angle, is acknowledged with an award or even sold, as if it was not meant for me, but for the recipient,” she says. “When this happens, it brings validity to my process.”

She often takes on artist community challenges on social media, the latest included creating 49 mini works leading up to her 49th birthday, altering book pages with found poetry, ink and watercolor illustrations. Work created in this series has influenced larger works, including the most recent

Reading Series sponsored and painted on the windows at the Wheaton Public Library. “I’m finding that each art endeavor and idea ignites and inspires other opportunities,” she says.

To view more of Cherylyn’s art, visit her on Instagram or Facebook @clynstudio or on her website