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A HAUNTED FAREWELL | It's the Last Year for Statesville Prison's, But Why? You May Ask

by Kristen Kucharski


Everyone is asking – why is the #1 Haunted House in its final year? Especially, in a time when staffing is hard to come by; yet actors and employees are plentiful at Statesville Haunted Prison this October.

We related it to leaving on a high, such as when Friends, Seinfeld and Cheers went off the air. It’s certainly not because business is suffering in any way. In fact, with the recent addition of the bar and entertainment, it has grown exponentially; however, the recurring answer from the Siegel family, Money isn’t everything! It’s about family.

“It’s time for love,” owner Sue Siegel shared with Glancer Magazine.

Siegel’s Cottonwood Farm began humbly 25 years ago and expanded to share their family passion of farming traditions to include pumpkins and a full-blown Fall experience for other families in the community to enjoy. Petting Zoos and hayrides, super slides, and taffy apples.

“We are refocusing on corporate events and weddings,” Paul Siegel added. “We realized how much we valued our family time after being shut down due to COVID last year.”

It’s obvious when speaking with Paul that letting go of Statesville will be difficult as he has many fond memories of the haunted house over the years. He grins and his eyes light up as he shares stories of being an actor in the early years.

“I have a large stature so sneaking up behind someone and scaring them is always entertaining,” he snickers. “It will be missed but it is the right time for our family as the business will transition to a new generation and will be run by our daughter Kaity who will bring new fresh and exciting ideas to the farm."

The family has grown quite a bit and both Paul and Sue want to refocus the business on love and spend more time with their grandchildren enjoying the traditions of where they began.

So, if you want to be a part of history – visit before the final day on October 31, 2021.