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A GIRL NAMED...KARRI | Meet Karri Custardo of trend + Relic in St. Charles


Karri is one of the owners of trend + relic, a local home decor shop in Saint Charles. We caught up with Karri to learn a bit more about her and what she loves about the weekend.

Why I love living local on the weekend: Living in Pottawatomie is such fun. I love being able to walk downtown along the river and hit the wonderful bars and restaurants in town.

My hobbies include: Shopping for the store! I've been going out of state a lot more often to find more unique vintage items. I love to paint furniture too but rarely have time anymore.

Three words that describe me: Strong, Loyal, Ambitious

My favorite day of the weekend: Saturday for sure. In addition to the shop, I also have a full-time job so Saturday I can really just enjoy concentrating fully on the store.

At 3pm on a Saturday, you might find me here: If not at trend + relic you'll find me at a vintage shop or an estate sale.

My favorite local shop for fun gifts: trend + relic of course! Other decor shops I love are House of Charlemagne & The Pep Line. But this is a tough question because we have so many great shops in town now who also participate in the Shop Crawl with us.

The best local restaurant to visit on a Friday night: I'm pretty low key so I like more casual places. Sitting outside at McNally's, the pulled pork nachos and the beer garden at The Filling Station or the beer garden at The Office.

To me, Sunday Funday means: Relaxing in the morning with a cup of coffee and the dogs, doing some shopping in the afternoon and coming home to prep and price it all for the shop.

Here's how I love to wind down after a long weekend: A beer on the deck, a Netflix movie and take out. Spending some time with the pups.

We asked Karri to share her "either/or" list with us below– check out her answers! We love it.

This Article Appeared in Glancer® Weekend 7-27-23


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