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7 SPECTACULAR | Unique Spots Local Moms Love

7 SPECTACULAR | Unique Spots Local Moms Love

One-of-a-Kind Places that Local Moms Love...and For Very Good Reason!

These suburban hot spots that have captured the hearts of local moms everywhere. From thrilling outdoor escapades to high-flying adventures, and the sheer joy of splashing the day away at an award-winning waterpark, here are 7 Spectacular Summer Spots Local Moms Love. Happy planning!

1. Phillip’s Park Zoo


AURORA– Phillips Park Zoo in Aurora offers a delightful escape with its free admission and family-friendly atmosphere. Local moms cherish the zoo for its educational wildlife exhibits, interactive experiences for kids, and serene picnic spots. The zoo's commitment to conservation and community engagement further endears it to families seeking a fun and enriching outing right in Aurora. For more information, you can visit

Phillips Park Aurora.

2. Naper Settlemement


NAPERVILLE–A captivating outdoor history museum that enthralls visitors with 13 acres of educational experiences, exhibits, tours, and events. Local moms adore it during summer for its enriching programs that blend learning with fun. From blacksmith demonstrations to interactive exhibits like Building Naperville: Tallgrass Prairie to Today, Naper Settlement offers a unique way for families to connect with the past while creating cherished memories in the present.

3. Butterfly House at Peck Farm Park

OPENING MAY 18, 2024

GENEVA–Peck Farm Park in Geneva is a beloved destination among local moms for its picturesque nature, family-friendly amenities, and engaging activities. The beautifully engaging Butterfly House opens to the public May 18. Enjoy hundreds of non-native butterflies that fly, feed, and land around you. Admission to the Butterfly House is free; however, there is a suggested donation of $3 per person / $9 per family and all guidelines must be followed. Afterwards, enjoy some playtime at Hawks Hollow Nature Playground.

4. JoJo’s Shakebar


NAPERVILLE–A modern dining experience with a nostalgic twist, showcasing creative desserts and elevated diner favorites. Local moms love it during summer for its vibrant ambiance, family-friendly setting, and refreshing shakes that perfectly complement the warm weather. This hotspot provides a welcoming

environment where families can enjoy quality treats and create lasting memories, making it a go-to spot for summertime fun.

5. Raging Waves Waterpark


YORKVILLE–Offering a thrilling experience with attractions like Aussie Mat Dash and delicious treats such as Walking Tacos and Funnel Cakes, it provides a fun-filled day out for families. Opening day is set for June 1, 2024, Raging Waves ensures a safe, exciting, and memorable waterpark adventure for all.

6. Engstrom Family Park


BATAVIA–Engstrom Family Park is a beloved summer destination for local moms. The park offers a range of family-friendly activities and amenities, including a playground with a 50-foot zip line that the kids love, picnic areas, walking trails, and sport courts. Moms appreciate the park's scenic beauty and opportunities for outdoor fun, making it an ideal spot for quality family time during the warmer months. For more information, you can visit the Engstrom Family Park website.

7. Dragonfly Landing


LISLE–Dragonfly Landing features a shelter with a living “green” roof and a free, fun splash pad with interactive water jets and giant, colorful flowers that mist water. Nature-themed play structures such as a tree house, leaping lily pads, and cat tail swingers inspire creativity, encourage exploration, provide conservation education opportunities, and are just plain fun!


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