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7 SPECTACULAR | Programs to Make You Feel Fabulous In 2021


Goodbye 2020, hello 2021! With this renewed spirit and positive attitude, there is no better time than now to start feeling fabulous again! Whether you are wanting to enhance how you feel mentally or physically, or both– this month’s 7 Spectacular list invites you to get excited and engage by learning more about the local programs we have featured. Each is unique in their own way, and ready to help you achieve totally fabulousness this January!

1. Integrative Care

NAPERVILLE–Integrative medicine is focused on finding solutions to achieve optimal health. This integrative, science-based approach looks at the big picture, taking into consideration the complex network of interactions in a patient’s history, physiology, and lifestyle that can lead to illness. Not only is your genetic makeup taken into account, so are internal issues relating to your spirit and mind as well as physical, social, and environmental factors that affect overall body function.

2. Yoga for Beginners

WHEATON–Take a beginner friendly yoga class. YBD 1 introduces the fundamental hatha yoga poses and incorporates them in to a basic “Vinyasa flow” with an emphasis on proper alignment and breathing techniques. Students will also receive a brief introduction of yoga philosophy and terminology in this class to further their understanding of this ancient practice. Heated to 80° F to 85° F and complemented by great music. Namaste!

3. In-Home Fitness

WESTERN SUBURBS–This team of trainers guide you though customized programming in your home gym (although a gym is not required). Working from home along with a busy lifestyle makes it challenging to travel to a public gym. Pretty cool!

4. Fun, Friends & Fitness

AURORA–Love for life and experience knows no age. If you’re 55 or older, you can connect with those who share your passion for an active lifestyle. This program at Prisco Community Center offers diverse, engaging senior events and programs. So perfect!

5. Massage Therapy

NAPERVILLE–If you have a hectic lifestyle, you know that being constantly on-the-go is just part of the routine. However, taking the time for massage therapy can be a useful tool that can help you continue performing at your very best. This is due to the fact that a massage can do more than clear your conscience and ease your muscles. Massage Therapy can keep your body in tip-top shape to help you - be you!

6. Nexus Small-Group Training

WHEATON & GENEVA–Nexus by definition is a means of connection between members of a group or things in a series; link; bond. To H4 the name Nexus truly defines what their small group training is all about and that is a bond and connection - something we all need right now!

7. Healing the Hurt Massage

GENEVA–Whether you are looking to relax from stress, relieve pain, or let go of tension in tight muscles, you will benefit from a session from Aire's therapeutic healing touch. Located inside of Invictus Health+Recovery on Kirk Road. Schedule a time today and start feeling fabulous!


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