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2021 FESTIVAL UPDATE | Sugar Grove Corn Boil Makes a Decision Regarding this Summer's Event


The Sugar Grove Corn Boil website has released an update re: the status of the 2021 summer event, and though many Sugar Grove residents - especially families with young kids - have remained hopeful that the festival would continue despite the impact COVID-19 has had on large-scale event planning, we are sad to report the following update:


2021 has proven to be challenging for us to have a successful Corn Boil. This year we have faced the challenge of getting sponsors, finding volunteer, coming up with a COVID Safety Plan and now the ability to obtain Insurance Coverage for the Corn Boil. The Insurance Companies at this time see Public Events as a liability and has caused the Sugar Grove the inability to obtain Insurance Coverage for the event. With these challenges, the Sugar Grove Corn Boil, NFP Committee and Volunteers have decided that we will be cancelling this year’s event.

We have had many challenges in 2020 and 2021 for us to be able to provide a Safe and Successful event. We will continue in 2021 to work towards a 2022 Corn Boil. We asking for Sugar Grove Residents for suggestions and help on 2022 efforts for Fundraising, Donations, and to Volunteer as we plan for 2022. We will face an uphill climb to 2022; with getting Sponsors and Donations, and getting Volunteers to join the committees and to assist. Our meeting are held every 3rd Thursday of the Month. More information and updates will also be posted on our Facebook page.

The update is posted on the event's website. For a list of summer events that ARE happening throughout Chicago's western suburbs, stay connect to Glancer Magazine's website as we update it daily.