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MATT FRASER | World-Renowned Psychic Visits Chicago for New Show


I’ll be the first to admit, I was a skeptic when hearing of the new unscripted TV Series coming to NBC/E! Entertainment that follows the life of Matt Fraser, an internationally renowned psychic medium known around the world for his astonishing psychic readings.

Season one filming has recently completed and this 10-episode series will follow the famous psychic on tour and give viewers a look at his LIVE audience readings, as well as a look behind the scenes with his family.

I was invited to his live group reading experience, Medium with a Message Event, at the Chicago Marriott Hotel Midway where he was expected to be reading and reconnecting audience members with those that have passed on. Over three million people had already watched the WTSP TV anchors receive their first live on air reading:

I couldn’t attend but was so curious to see for myself if this was indeed the real deal or “Made for TV”; so, I was so thankful Matt agreed to meet with me individually the night prior to the big event.

We sat for awhile talking about his new book, When Heaven Calls, that will be released in March 2020, his passion for helping people around the globe, his love for vacationing in Las Vegas, Arizona, and the Turks with his girlfriend Alexa, his secret talent of incredible interior design skills, as well as his wish that if he could have any other super power it would be to heal illness.

“I meet so many people who are fighting extreme health battles or living their life in pain,” Matt shares. “I can’t help but to think I wish I could take it all away.”

He also wishes people would talk more about suicide and the curiosity if these individuals make it to Heaven or not.

“I cannot believe that there are people out there who actually think that their loved ones are not at peace or did not make it to Heaven because they passed in this way,” he says. “I have been honored to hold the hands of many moms and family members who have had loved ones pass of suicide - and yes - they have come through with messages letting their family know they are OK. This is a topic that many people do not like to talk about, but it is an important one.”

Matt revealed a very genuine, humble person during our interview. Very passionate. Spiritual. He grew up Catholic so his psychic gift of connecting with those that have passed is a bit frowned upon. Even his own sister was skeptical of his abilities; yet, seemingly fearful of them as well. His psychic gift appears to be genetic as both his grandmother and mother had the ability, however shared it differently.

“My grandmother and mother never did it professionally, only for close friends and family,” Matt shares. “My grandmother used to be a card reader. She used to make her own tarot cards and read for people. My mom – the way that she reads – she can actually look into like coffee cups or tea leaves and things like that and pick out names, dates, messages – and she does all that through meditation; where I can see and hear the departed.”

Matt recalls the very first experience he had as a psychic medium at only three years old -shortly after his grandmother Mary passed away.

“When she had passed away, it was a big loss to my family; so many people relied on her and were grieving her passing, except for me,” Matt says. “I never knew she had died because after her passing, I would still see and speak to her. She was the first ever person to come back and visit me in Spirit.”

Matt recalls her sitting on the end of his bed, talking to him, humming to him, reading him stories and reminding him that she would always be there. He wasn’t afraid because he didn’t realize she was a “ghost” at only three years old – she looked and felt real, but after his grandmother’s visit, other Spirits started coming by, strangers who he had never met, and he became frightened and started pushing his gift away.

This is the one and only regret Matt has. If he could change anything from his past, he would have told himself not to listen to others and what they think of you.

“In the beginning of my career when I first stepped into the public’s eye, it was difficult, not everyone understood me or my gift,” Matt says. “Words used to hurt me, and I tried my hardest to please everyone. Some people told me I wouldn't make it far as a psychic medium because it wasn't a “real job” while others criticized me because I was too young. It seemed everyone had something to say. When I learned to ignore the noise and just focus on helping others and doing what I love, I started living my best life.”

As I like to leave my interviews on a high note, I thanked Matt for his time and sharing his passion, new television show, and book with me. We stepped up to take some photos and he suddenly stopped me and said, “I feel a very strong presence by you – your grandfather.”

Being a bit skeptical, I said, which one? He told me the very strong one. I paused and took a deep breath. He continued, “you spent a lot of time with him outside and he keeps trying to tell me to tell you about someone named Eddie or Freddie with a heart issue – someone you’ve known, or your father has known for a very long time…. he needs to get his heart checked.”

Deep breath – there is no way Matt Fraser knows this about me. It’s no where on my social media pages or my family’s.

On the way to interview Matt, I was talking with someone about my grandfather’s baseball bat that I took from his backyard shed – his name is written on it. I could clearly envision myself in the backyard, in his shed, in his garage that was filled with auto parts and tools, as I was sharing this story en route to the interview. There is no way Matt knew of this.

Pause. Is this what it’s like When Heaven Calls?



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